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Chumb3x Admin Member
MaLaDoi4 2 months ago
you have exhausted the accound limits per ip გამარჯობა ამას მიწერს და დახმარება მინდა თუ შეგიძლია
IcronkGaming 4 months ago
i want to become staff ingame name IcronkGaming and discord 𝐌ⴽ〢ᎥፈᏒᎧᏁᏦ#1111
TklPRG 4 months ago
unban me? almost everyone ignoring the main questions I ask and start talking about smth else please get it fixed.
AwesomeGamer_16 5 months ago
Chumb3x pls fix crystal box u see we don't got blast prot on leggings If it's a crystal box it should have a breakable map that resets every 3 hrs and blast prot And PLESE ADD BEACON #justiceforcrystalbox
SHASHANK909 7 months ago
Chumb3x i have 2 accounts on play.boxpvp.net i forgot my password Can you reset the password User : Knight
Chumb3x 7 months ago
Create a ticket in our discord
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