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Wyvernated Moderator
10ticles 7 months ago
nigga u mad sus and gay
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Hello, as many of you may have heard, season 5 of BoxPvP is due to release by the 4th of June! This season will include many of your recent suggestions, the key ones being:

-Shulker Box Area

-Afk Command

-And Much More!



What do you guys expect season 5 to be like and include?

What were your opinions on season 4? 👀

Season 5 by June 4th! 8 months ago

Hello, welcome to BoxPvP forums! Here you may talk, discuss, and anything else that includes writing about BoxPvP! Please do abide by normal standards, such as keeping profanity, toxicity and bad comments to a minimum!

Welcome to BoxPVP forums! 8 months ago