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BoxPvP Server Rules:

1. No Naked Killing (Punishment: 1 Warning)

2. No Ore Camping  (Punishment: 1 Warning)

3. No abusing glitches (Punishment: 1 day ban)

4. No Hacking (Punishment: 5 day ban + get cleared.)

5. No Flooding The Map (Punishment: 7 day ban)

6. No spawn killing at the PvP area  (Punishment: 1 Warning)
Chat Rules:

1. No swearing

2. No bullying, put-downs, or other harassment

3. No spamming 

4. No Toxicity (Punishment: 1 Warning)

5. No advertising (Punishment: 1 day ban)

6. No Begging(Punishment: 15 minutes mute)

7. No Staff Disrespect(Punishment: 30-120 minutes depends on severity)

8. No NSFW (Punishment: 15 minutes mute)

Punishment: Breaking any of these rules can result in a temporary/permanent mute or a warning.